Fair Use Statement

Do I need a license to republish an excerpt from this article?

The use of excerpts from others' works without a license is permitted in certain limited circumstances under the "fair use" doctrine of U.S. Copyright Law and the "fair dealing" doctrine in Commonwealth nations. However, republication on the internet, without a license, of even a small portion of a work can constitute copyright infringement.

The distinction between "fair use" and infringement is not easily defined because each re-use has unique characteristics that must be analyzed. For example, there is no specific number of words or lines that may safely be taken without permission. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission. For additional information you may want to do an internet search of "fair use checklist" and "copyright myths."

The safest course is always to get permission from the copyright owner before using copyrighted material. iCopyright makes this easy to do.

Some useful questions when doing your analysis include:

Answering "Yes" to any of the above questions is cause for serious reflection before assuming "fair use" or "fair dealing" applies.

If "fair use" applies to your use of an excerpt, click "Quit asking me" when the pop-up appears and you will be free to copy/paste.

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The more you know about copyright, the more you realize it is the foundation upon which most content is created. Copyrighted content employs us, enlightens us, and entertains us. Without copyright and the benefits it affords content creators, we would be unemployed, uneducated, and bored silly.
— Michael O'Donnell, Founder & Director, iCopyright

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iCopyright is an automated copyright licensing service used by publishers to grant rights and permissions to those who want to reuse their online content. The service provides both free personal uses and commercial reuse licenses. Most uses are granted and delivered instantly.

iCopyright also offers repubHub, a news and information monitoring service for users, and Discovery, a web monitoring service that helps publishers uncover and remedy unauthorized reuses of their copyrighted content.

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