Police seek Toronto man in Markham mall shooting

March 1, 2010

Police have a warrant to arrest a Toronto man they believe held the gun in a fatal shooting at Pacific Mall in Markham, Ont. last year.

Bryan Valentine Gardner, 21, is wanted on first degree murder charges in the death of Chun Kit (Daniel) Cheong, 26.

On Feb 20, 2009, emergency crews found Mr. Cheong slumped and bloody on the floor of the XSITE Cell Phones store at North America's biggest indoor Asian mall. He died in hospital from a single gunshot wound to the head.

After a year of interviews, police say they have evidence that links Mr. Gardner, known on the streets as 'Weezy,' to the shooting. They're asking anyone who knows Mr. Gardner or has seen him to get in touch with police. They're also advising the suspect to seek legal advice and turn himself in.

Investigators have been in touch with Mr. Gardner's family, which hasn't offered details of his whereabouts, says Detective Bob Papineau of the York Regional Police homicide unit. He may have fled the city, Det. Papineau says, but it's possible Mr. Gardner may still be in the area.

"We have evidence that suggests he's the person responsible for the shooting so we believe him to be a dangerous person," he said.

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