Ten reasons to watch the CFL in Southern Ontario

November 21, 2012

10. Size matters

As our American cousins like to say, bigger is better, so, like XXXXL sweatshirts and 64-ounce soft drinks, a larger field and ball have to be a good thing, right?

9. The show must go on

In which other major North American league can winning and losing actually relate to what happens on the field of play instead of referring to escrow, pensions and making things whole?

8. It counts

Any fool can count to 11 – it's eight fingers, two thumbs and your big toe for NFL devotees out there – but making sure you have 12 players on the field is the real challenge. Just ask Saskatchewan Roughriders fans.

7. Equal opportunities

Unlike the pro football league down south, the CFL doesn't discriminate, and being black or undersized is no impediment to success in the Great White North, as Chuck Ealey and Doug Flutie, respectively, can firmly attest.

6. English sense of style

Like a certain other trophy also donated by a former governor-general, the CFL's Grey Cup has an element of class lacking in gaudy baubles such as the NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy.

5. Two for the money

While it's perfectly fine to aspire to owning one professional sports team, two just seems greedy, although given his profit margin in playing host to the 2011 and 2012 Grey Cups, David Braley would likely disagree.

4. Vuvuzelas

The 2010 FIFA World Cup brought the annoying horns some worldwide recognition, but Toronto Argonauts games have been headache-inducing, ear-drum-splitting experiences for decades.

3. The weather

Unlike in the prairies, watching a CFL game in Southern Ontario doesn't always require a mickey of alcohol to ward off the cold, but the Ivor Wynne faithful have long been happy to give it a go anyway.

2. The playoffs

What other teams in Southern Ontario can say they have a 75-per-cent chance of reaching the postseason? That's almost Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment-proof. Almost

1. The Rouge

Who doesn't salivate at the thought of seeing a game decided by a wayward field goal?

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