Is Selena Gomez really to blame for Justin Bieber's meltdown?

April 3, 2013

The real explanation behind Justin Bieber's erratic public behaviour could be a case of a young man going through a bad breakup.

According to TMZ, the Canadian pop star has been emotionally distraught since breaking up with Gomez four months ago. Unnamed sources claim Bieber was "torn apart" when Gomez walked out on him midway through a Mexico vacation.

The same sources claim Bieber currently feels "tortured" because Gomez continues to call and text the singer on a daily basis, thereby sending mixed messages that have him enraged and acting out. Last week, paparazzi photographed Bieber visiting Gomez's home in Los Angeles.

Last week, Bieber, 19, made headlines for walking shirtless through an airport in Poland before flying out of the country. In recent months he's also earned unfavourable press coverage for being photographed smoking marijuana, posing with a pistol, wearing coveralls to meet Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper and making false claims of being of native heritage in a magazine interview.

According to "people in regular contact with the singer," Bieber ongoing meltdown is not because he's trying to act like an adult or because his friends are a bad influence, but rather because he's suffering his first real case of heartbreak.

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