Welcome to the club: '100-per-cent men' blog aims to shame all-male institutions

April 19, 2013

Every president of Portugal.

Every winner at a Washington realtors' award ceremony.

Every composer in the New York City Ballet's American Music Festival.

Every person to ever land on the moon.

Also, "the world's 40 richest Jews."

What do all of these have in common? They're all men, according to a rather obnoxious Tumblr titled "100-per-cent men."

Here, Lydia DePillis, a tech writer for the The New Republic, has been skewering any organization that involves all-male membership by posting the men's names and photos in indiscriminate reams. The Tumblr's tagline reads, "Corners of the world where women have yet to tread. Shine a light." (She's taking submissions.)

"I want to show a lot of manifestations of egregious maleness," DePillis told The Atlantic Wire, adding that she wants people to "see the overall disease" and all-male groups to feel "embarrassed."

The Atlantic Wire's Rebecca Greenfield seemed enthralled by the curious endeavour, writing breathlessly that the blog serves to reveal that "so many of these Boys Clubs still exist – even, and especially, in the era of Lean In."

Still, Greenfield could see some potential problems: Is "public forum as a means of shaming" the best way to fix a major societal issue, "or is it just making the case for tokenism?"

In other words, could a Tumblr account have the power to make an organization kowtow and quickly promote some women, just to save face? Let's hope not: That sounds like a scary way to run any business, male or female-dominated.

"The ideal outcome is that organizations which are completely full of men will think about why that is and think about what they can do," DePillis stressed. Still, that problematically implies that maybe those men don't deserve their jobs, simply because they're "dudes."

The Atlantic's commenters haven't entirely been sold on the premise either: "At any point did you ask, would any woman WANT to be in this group?" And another: "I have a feeling the cure will be worse than this supposed 'disease.' "

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