How well does George Clooney tip?

December 14, 2010

George Clooney has just about everything going for him in the attractiveness department. Just about? Okay, he's got everything going for him: charm, none too shabby looks, millions of dollars, international fame.

There's also another reason to love Clooney: He's a big tipper.

After taking his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, out for dinner on the weekend, Clooney tipped the wait staff $100, according to the celebrity gossip site

Canalis, an Italian model and actress, has been dating Clooney since last year.

Let's ignore that Clooney is rich and can afford to tip big. When you've got that Ocean's Eleven money you can be good to waiters and waitresses.

Let's also ignore the possibility that the bill was huge and so perhaps called for a large gratuity. In fact, we can rule out that possibility. The most expensive thing on the dinner menu at Chi Dynasty, where the two had dinner, costs $15.75.

So they're eating at a fairly inexpensive restaurant and he's dropping $100 tips. Why?

Is it possible that he's trying to impress his date? It wouldn't be the first time a guy has attempted this move.

So here's the question. Two questions, in fact: Have you ever left a big tip in the hopes of impressing a date? And, if you're the one on the date with the tipper, would you be impressed? Would you even notice? (Okay, so three questions.)

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