July 17, 2014
John Prager
Posted with permission from Americans Against the Tea Party

A "sovereign citizen" claims that "My rights don't come from the Constitution. My rights come from the creator."


A Michigan "sovereign citizen," Philip R. Zapata, is upset that Obama's stormtroopers recently raided his home and removed his weapons just because he is a felon who was not legally permitted to possess weapons. Zapata argued in District Court that he was not bound by Michigan state laws.

"Your laws are violating my rights," Mr. Zapata told First Dis­trict Judge Jack Vitale. "My rights don't come from the Constitution. My rights come from the creator."

Zapata defended himself in court, and challenged nearly every aspect of the case–including the identification of his  11,325 square foot "family storage unit" as his home. He also, as do all sovereigns, said that he was not actually being charged because his name appeared in all capital letters on the legal documents. His name, when used that way, is a "dead entity," Zapata claimed.

In June, Zapata was arrested on a three-count felony warrant charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms, a crime that could net him five years in prison. Despite his status as a felon, however, he claims he has a legal right to own guns.

Police seized a rifle that was in the bathroom, a 9 mm handgun that was hidden in a wall, and a shotgun stashed behind the freezer.

"I have a right to protect my family no matter what," he told the judge. " It's a survival tool; it's a recreational tool. You could call it whatever you want."

Zapata claims the police took his weapons illegally. "Is it illegal in this country to own private property?" Mr. Zapata said. "I didn't give it up voluntarily. It was robbed from me."